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Fungi for future

The challenge

Currently, we are fighting climate change and pollution of soil and atmosphere by emissions and petrol-based products(i.e. single-use plastic packaging). These end up in a linear lifecycle that eventually will break down into pollutants that permanently enter the ecosystem. By producing products that after use can get disposed of without having a negative environmental impact we can reduce part of the contribution to the current environmental problems we are facing. Fungi can solve many problems in the field of food production, sustainable packaging and building materials, waste management, and soil regeneration.

The solution

Production of alternatives based on mycelium. Think of replacements for protective packaging methods like styrofoam, insulating materials, lightweight automotive parts and plastic-based vegan leather. These could be customised, modified and combined with biobased plastics to meet the needs of their specific application. Products can be made from resources that are produced in a sustainable manner. Waste streams that are locally sourced or crops like hemp. This will result in products that are less straining on the environment at the end-of-life stage. To sustain this business idea, profits of (specialty) mushroom production for culinary purposes can be used to fund research.

To produce mycelium based products that when disposed of do not pollute the enviroment, but instead could be easily broken down without permanent pollutants.

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Team info

>Krijn Hagens
>Chevonne Hagens
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Affinity with fungi, material research or life cycle assesment of products.


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