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The Mission

UniView aims to provide a secure and scam-free platform for students to view potential housing abroad, with a verified on-site student network offering personalized viewing services.

The challenge

An housing crisis in the Netherlands has created a challenging environment for international students seeking accommodation. The scarcity of available housing leads to desperation, making students vulnerable to rental scams. Fraudsters exploit this demand by advertising non-existent properties or posing as landlords of real ones, taking advantage of students unfamiliar with the local housing market. These scams cause financial loss and emotional distress and can negatively impact the student's educational experience.

The solution

UniView's goal is to reassure the students that the apartment they are renting is actually on the market and they are not about to be scammed. Uni View will facilitate the time-consuming process of finding accommodation abroad, by providing a platform that supports students during this significant and transformative phase in their lives. We will make sure that the students who do the viewings become good aliases for both parties, tenant and landlord, to increase the chances of the prospective student being selected. Initially, our services will cater to customers located in Limburg, with a primary focus on reaching out to students from the University of Maastricht.

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Team info

>Elena Mallus
Maastricht University
European Law School
>Amelia Sasin
Maastricht University
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
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