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The challenge

Many business departments experience difficulties in keeping both customers and staff happy. The efflux within stressfull departments, is unnecessarily high and the attractiveness to work there is unnecessarily low. What is necessary is a better wellbeing, to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. Work stress is costly, and stress is a hazard for employees as well as employers. It has been estimated that for example the yearly expenses for stress-related compensation, in the US are $300 billion (Sharma, R. R. (2016). Executive Burnout: Eastern and Western Concepts, Models and Approaches for Mitigation (1st edition). [E-book]. Emerald Publishing.)

The solution

To increase efficiency, our products (audio, virtual reality and substitutional reality) aim to reach the most effective stress-reducing effects possible. To do this we use the scientifically proven best way for reducing stress. This is mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). With a short duration, and low invasiveness, its effects are long lasting. To calculate the perfect balance between maximal efficiency and minimal stress, we put things into numbers. Monitoring, with the use of AI, finetunes the duration and scheduling of exercise per employee. Exercizes can be uploaded by trainers via an app. And AI selects. This way we raise up a company’s profit and the levels of wellbeing for its staff members.

Upgrading performance (and work satisfaction), by de-stressing staff.

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