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The challenge

1) Defragmented information: All information vital for a profitable investment decision for e commerce businesses is spread & unclear. 2) Complex data analysis: Data available online either requires high costs of acquisition, in dept understanding of coding or academic statistics. 3) Research is time consuming: Conducting one’s own research is time consuming, complex & might result in lots of wasted time without any positive results. 4) Creativity is crowding out: Due to the rapid growing e-commerce market, niches tend to crowd out and lose their profit margins. Consequently, finding new niches gets harder.

The solution

“e-pickr ® provides the support to make successful e commerce more accessible, more straightforward and more secure for everyone. One go to platform with all tools to support or automate side activities for e commerce businesses.” If you need data to find a profitable product to sell, based on true academic evidence, we got it; or if you need any other support (accountants, fulfillment centres, website development tools, suppliers or delivery services) we got a partner for you. 1) Clever: Our database is coded with complex algorithms to produce accurate and live responses in a simple, understandable way. 2) Calculated: Rely on unbiased facts and statistics that can support you to minimize bad investments and maximize profit. 3) Commerce: Next to the most up to data responses, our data has a time aspect to find trends in profitable products and markets

We stand for accessible data for everyone. All successful companies have their analysis department, but small and medium sized businesses and start-ups oftentimes do not have the time or resources to invest in these segments. That is exactly why we want to change this for the e-commerce sector, where data is key for successful performance.

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Team info

>Bart Adrianus van Eekelen
>Annika Kim Schenkel
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Mostly committed. So far students have proven to be interested over a tension span of a month. That is a great start, but I am looking for students/ mentors who are willing to spend 5-10 hours per week on a regular basis to help grow this platform.

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We are beyond proud to announce that our partner, Ecwid, has successfully become part of the company Lightspeed, who have paid a magnificent $500,000,000.00 for their company. IT IS TRULY AN HONOUR TO WORK AMONGST THESE GIANTS!!!





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