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Sustainable Tourism

The challenge

Nowadays, there are many apps, such as Google maps that provide you with the fastest routes emphasising highways. These include locations such as big clothing chains, or fast-food restaurants. In contrast, local smaller businesses do not get the same amount of exposure as big chains. This inherently means that making a sustainable choice in terms of transport, the meals you eat, or the clothes you wear is very difficult.

The solution

Create a community based app that provides users with information about small local businesses, emphasising walking paths and public transport, in order to facilitate a more sustainable choice. This way, we can support local farmers, artists, and shop owners and bring a focus on circularity, which simultaneously boosts the local economy. Places such as Gedeelde Weelde in Maastricht will now be able to get into the spotlight! Using a bottom up approach, this community app will take the next step towards a more sustainble city life!

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Sustainable Tourism


Team info

>Trevina Litchmore
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Someone who has either an expertise in software development, and/or is passionate about sustainability and community management!


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