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The challenge

Living/traveling abroad: Needless to say, it is not fun to get sick when living alone in a foreign country, or simply when traveling abroad! As a matter of fact, the medicines we are used to taking at home might have different names elsewhere in the world. In some cases, even if we do find therapeutics with the same brand names as the ones we are familiar with, these could actually have different excipients (substance formulated alongside the active ingredient of a medication) and action strengths. Consequently, when consumer unknowingly purchase the wrong corresponding medicine, they could not only take longer to recover, but also experience undesired side effects, putting their life at risk.

The solution

Create a platform which allows its users to insert the generic name of the medication they are familiar with in their home-country, obtaining the corresponding medication used in the country where they currently are.

As not all countries use the same medications universally, extra care is needed when purchasing therapeutics abroad. Therefore, in case of urgency, it is crucial to provide "outlanders" with the corresponding medications they are familiar with.

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>Eleonora Broggi
>Nhan Nguyen
>TobĂ­as Van Der Wardt
>Francesca Pennetta
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Programming skills or knowledge of public health


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