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River Floating skimmer apparatus

The challenge

A common variety of Floods water treatment systems are hydrodynamic separators such as baffle boxes and vortex systems. Hydrodynamic separators can treat relatively large water flows and are good for removing relatively large solids in size. Hydrodynamic separators do very little to remove the dissolved pollutants and have a typically poor removal efficiency for fine particles. Another class of floods water treatment systems commonly referred to as filtration systems are used to achieve water treatment beyond what can be accomplished by a hydrodynamic separator. Filtration systems typically will pass the water flow through filter media such as sand, zeolite, activated carbon, and the like. Filter media is typically selected to do more than remove solids from the water flow. Depending on the pollutants of concern, filter media can be selected to remove specific dissolved pollutants such as nutrients, metals, or a wide variety of chemical contaminants

The solution

The present apparatus aims to treat the floods water flow with a floods water filtration system that is resistant to clogging yet can pass large water flows during large rain events. In this way, filter media can be incorporated into the treatment of floods water without the potential of flooding upstream caused by the filtration system. The present apparatus can be described as a vault that contains a floating skimmer having a passageway therethrough having a filter with a filter media therein for the passage of water therethrough. During high flow rates the floating skimmer rises with the water level in the vault and allows water to flow unrestricted thereunder and under the filter

The apparatus is a floods water filter system for filtering floatable debris and non-floating pollutants from the river, water passing through a floods water drain system vault

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River Floating skimmer apparatus


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