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The challenge

When going skiing or snowboarding in the mountains, one can be overwhelmed by the number of slopes and lifts that ski resorts have to offer. Compared to dynamic digital maps, physical maps are often inconvenient to use as they are less accurate and do not offer smart route planning. With E-Slope, users can easily get directions in any participating ski resort (similarly to google maps directions).

The solution

As a ski navigator app, E-Slope provides skiers and snowboarders not only with a dynamic map and route planning feature but also with a tracker, social features and live information like weather forecasts and traffic on lifts and slopes. This allows users to easily navigate a ski area, making their time on the slopes more convenient and valuable. Furthermore, B2B-users like ski resorts can share relevant information and news regarding events, discounts, slopes, ski lessons, safety information and more.

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>Alexander Frerichs
Maastricht University
Data Science & AI
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