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The challenge

In todays digital age, it is getting more and more difficult for educators to reach students, grab their attention, improve their mood and reduce the boredom created by antique curriculums. Time limitations, lacking motivation and online education increase the potency of these problems. If this wasn’t enough, shortages of teachers lead to unwarranted incompetencies in educational institutions and despair among overworked educators.

The solution

The solution is a web-based hub allowing educators to access a database packed with modern, entertaining and gamified educational content from across the web to grab children with elements of their social reality. Plus, teachers can interact regionally and internationally with one another, get updates on popular culture, exchange teaching material and access workshops on coming techno-educational interventions like AR and VR. A wider solution would not target single educators but whole educational institutions by providing them with licenses for the internal use of the platform and technological equipment to implement the proposed solutions.

Main Misson: Providing Educators with Content for Generation Z

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Team info

>Sasha Kaun
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Data Science (ML = (NLP/SemanticWeb/GANs), AR + VR), Legal (Copyright/Licensing/B2B), Econ (Financing, Controlling)

Social Media

working on it

working on it

working on it

This is a testament of the willingness of Europe to support and implement Ideas like these: https://education.ec.europa.eu/focus-topics/digital-education/action-plan


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