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The challenge

Small and medium local restaurant owners have a technical problem expanding their businesses despite their reputation. Low-budgeted franchisees have a problem investing in high-cost facilities to start the business. Home chefs want to connect with guests, cook for people, and gain a reputation. Entrepreneurs have financial difficulty opening new restaurants. Customers have limited food options and can not order from their favorite restaurants when they live in different places.

The solution

The platform connects small restaurants and franchisees, home chefs and guests, and small business owners and customers. Chefs can either set up their locations or deliver food. Make the restaurant business easier for different people. The platform allows restaurant owners to expand their business to various geographical regions more simply, quickly, and flexibly. They can also pilot their restaurant based in various locations. Low-budgeted franchisees or anybody can start their restaurant business affordably with an internet base and low facility investments. Customers have more restaurant and food options and more opportunities to order from their favorite restaurants.

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>Chung Do
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Programming, designing, marketing, legal


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