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The challenge

In the Netherlands we use 3.6 earths to sustain our current way of life. At the same time we produce large amounts of organic waste that goes into landfill and incineration, causing CO2 emissions. We have to use materials more sustainably to ensure a healthy planet for future generations. This includes extending the journey of materials by giving them a second purpose.

The solution

ComposTerra comes with a solution of re-using materials, by transforming organic residues into functional products. We are driven to work towards a better future through combining our forces, taking value out of the variety of our cultural backgrounds and skill-sets. Our team combines expertise from material science, business engineering, design and social sciences. We envision a world without waste, in which someone’s output is another person’s input. Based on the research of Beyond Plastic, ComposTerra develops a variety of materials made from local organic waste streams, like wheat bran, coffee grounds or orange peels. Our compostable products can replace single-use plastic products such as cups, bowls and plates.

Making sustainable lifestyles more accessible by extending the journey of organic materials.

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