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Nature for Fracture

The challenge

Natural bone regeneration process is insufficient for healing large bone fractures. The current golden-standards are autografts and allografts of bone or implanting biologically inert metallic devices. Each method brings critical disadvantages such as the need for multiple surgical steps and immune reactions to allografts. Scientist have been studying the possibility of engineering bone tissue outside a living organism, however they have been unsuccessful in developing a mechanically functional bone tissue, integrating the engineered bone with native tissues, and personalizing the tissue. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a novel bone tissue engineering approach that is clinically translatable.

The solution

Embryonic development begins with vasculature formation and then follows by developing other tissues. The vessel formation enable delivering biochemicals as a leading factor in stem-cells differentiation. Physical forces also regulate stem-cells responses and phenotype. In an embryo, tissue formation happens in a liquid environment (amniotic fluid), while isolated from the outer environment by a thin double membraned sac called amniotic sac. In such an environment, stem cells are in a floating position rather than attaching to a hard surface of a well-plate or printed construct. Inspired by nature, a novel dynamic system for bone tissue engineering will be designed.

To develop personalized bone implant with novel 4-dimentional tissue engineering approach

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