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The challenge

There isn’t an easy way to digitally document a person's life. People rely on memory to store the tales and recollections of loved ones. As time passes, these memories are slowly forgotten. The physical media formats used to store pictures and videos start to decay and are not playable on new hardware. Eventually, the person together with their memories and media will be lost forever. Current solutions are expensive, require a person to use multiple different services (copywriting, digitalizing, creating a website) and are not elegant to use.

The solution

We are creating a digital legacy platform by collecting the stories, memories and meaning of a person and storing it in today’s media formats (photo, video, text, voice) as well as tomorrow’s (AR/VR/MR, AI). In our initial offering, we deliver a professionally written memoir documenting a person's life and tackle the task of digitalising old media formats such as tapes and films. All of this will be stored on an elegant and easy-to-use website. Our vision for the future entails fully digitising a person using AI and 3D capturing for leaving a truly next-generation legacy.

Our mission is to preserve the essence of you or someone you love for eternity to help families unite generations from past and future.

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>Ralf Ellervee
>Edward Toonela
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