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Eetos OÜ (formerly Avos)

The challenge

Nobody lives forever, so we're always at risk of losing someone's invaluable life experiences and wisdom. To store those in someone's memory or on physical media formats is unreliable and writing down your loved one's stories is time-consuming and requires skill. The stories will be forgotten, the media formats will be out-of-date, and the person’s identity will be lost forever.

The solution

A personal web profile which contains defining moments and life wisdom. The customer answers an interactive video questionnaire, AI will draft it into a short biography, and a professional writer will do quality control. As for the future, we envision a world where you could put on VR glasses and spend time with your grandparents even after their death. Using 3D capturing, AI and speech synthesis technology, they will be able to respond to your questions, convey emotions, and provide you with a sense of their personality and character.

We make people immortal by digitising their memories and retelling their story.

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Eetos OÜ (formerly Avos)


Team info

>Ralf Ellervee
>Edward Toonela



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P.O. Box 616
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+31 43 388 2222

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