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Bumndler: Message & Notification Bundler

The challenge

Compulsive phone checking due to many chat, email & social media notifications from various apps is a problem for personal productivity, is super annoying and can lead to serious phone addictions. However, blocking all notifications or getting rid of these apps all together is unrealistic ... chat apps (like WhatsApp) and social media provide massive benefits and can help us to meet up with friends or realize uni/work projects without constant calling or meeting up in person. But currently there is no middle way of extracting these apps benefits without getting hooked in the algorithms of these various apps.

The solution

Provide a distraction free one-stop environment where users can get a combined overview from all their various communication, chat, and social media apps they use without having to open them individually. Because: 1.Simplicity: All your incoming messages, emails, and notifications are in one place where you can react, manage, and reply to them without getting distracted by the apps algorithms or by switching the apps. 2.Boosted productivity: Not all messages and notifications have the same relevance to you at all times. (Even if big tech tries to tell you that) Using Artificial Intelligence Bumndler only lets you know what you want to know, when you want it.

Our Mission: All your Messages and Notifications in one place, and on your terms!

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Bumndler: Message & Notification Bundler


Team info

>Hendrik Stiefl
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Technical Knowledge (Coding, APIs & AI)



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P.O. Box 616
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6211 LK Maastricht
The Netherlands
+31 43 388 2222

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