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The challenge

In 2019, it was reported that the Netherlands wasted five million kilograms of food per day. 30% of that waste is fruits and vegetables. Reasons for the fruit and vegetable waste are leftovers from supermarkets and wholesalers, the non-acceptance of class 2 vegetables (slightly misshaped), and that most fruits and vegetables are in pre-formed plastic wraps making too big and too small vegetables and fruits not packageable, and therefore wasted.

The solution

Eatly is a student project built up by SBE and UCM students whose goal is to fight food waste. We are selling leftover greens and second-class fruits and veggies to Maastricht dwellers that retailers refuse because they do not fit the customer standards (too big, too small, misshapen, etc.). We work closely with local farmers and whole sellers to get these greens. Eatly then prevents those misshaped veggies and leftovers from going to waste, ensures additional revenue to the suppliers who could not sell those products (thus fostering the local economy), and encourages people to consume ‘ugly but still tasty’ greens, thereby ultimately reducing food waste. So far, Eatly sells bags/boxes to local customers but also delivers restaurants in Maastricht such as catoybycato, fixedgearcoffee, levantini_maastricht, mibis_munchies, and preps_maastricht. Until now, Eatly has already supplied more than 4000 kg of sometimes leftover and ‘ugly’ but tasty greens. Check out our Instagram and website (eatlymaastricht.nl) to learn more about us. :)

Eatly was founded to decrease food waste, by offering high-quality fruits and vegetables that grocery stores would rather let go to waste.

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Team info

>Sinan Haciibrahimoglu
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

We are looking for team members dedicated to working around 6 hours for eatly, and believe in our mission of saving fruits and vegetables to reduce food waste. Nice to have are canva, excel, and a variety of language skills (Dutch, French, German).

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