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The challenge

Have you ever looked into the sun with normal sunglasses and not seen a thing? Have you ever had to take your sunglasses off because you can’t read a display? Blinding light is a constant problem in our daily lives such as driving against a rising or setting sun. Such light is highly irritating and can impede the vision of the affected.

The solution

The Flashade does everything that conventional sunglasses can’t do. It ONLY blocks the bright and glaring lights in your surrounding by darkening specific miniature segments in the lens, keeping everything else as is. Anything you look at is instantly darkened to a comfortable degree. No matter if it is the sun, your phone, or car headlights. This technology promises an entirely new visual experience!

Flashade selectively blocks only bright lights in your view by darkening tiny segments in the lens. It uses a smart optical film to sense the incoming glare and applies a suitable tint, so that light intensity is homogenous over the entire field of view.



Team info

>Julian Jathe
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