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De Glasbakfiets

The challenge

Many households face difficulties in storing their glass. Bags full of glass are stacked somewhere in ones house, which can be quite obstructive. People are reluctant to take this glass away, since the glass container is not around the corner.

The solution

Offering bikes that are able to pick up the glass for several households and bring it directly to a glass distribution centre. Consumers can easily order a "glasbakfiets" on an online application. Ordering a pick up can either be on a prespecified moment every week/month or on a random moment. Not to forget, the social aspect of the glasbakfiets. Drivers of these bikes can be people which face difficulties in finding a job due to their cultural background (e.g refugees). This can, on the one hand be an opportunity to integrate within society by interacting with new people while picking up the glass. But also to get started on the labour market.

To reduce CO2 emissions and increace glass uptake for recycling

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De Glasbakfiets


Team info

>Sam Broers
>Daan van Zwam
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