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The challenge

The anti-social environment where students don't feel connected to other students anymore needs to be addressed. The bar is set far too high for students to study with other students (at home or in a local café) and plan old school study nights. This does not only go for students from the same school, but also across other schools. Why should students from different schools with the same type of program not be able to connect and help other students as well? One of the most fundamental shortcomings of the current educational system is that students don't get taught on 'how to study'. Whilst, there are a lot of scientifically proven methods that could easily drastically improve the results of students. Students also lack the feeling of being rewarded after a long day of studying. And last but not least, student life being expensive.

The solution

Creating an app that allows students to easily connect with each other and find similar interests. The app focuses on three main parts: connecting, helping and improving. The app will have different aspects that students will be able to use, which in time will get them to use certain other aspects as well. The possibility's with an app like this are endless. The core features of the app will be: discounts for students at local businesses, local study points that students can easily find with the app, a forum that allows students to get in touch with other students, tools for scientifically proven study methods, a reward system for students, tutoring and many more!

Connecting and helping students using a mobile application

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>Steven Debie
>Fabian Matern
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