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The challenge

As everyone knows there are currently long queues in healthcare. But especially this is dramatic in the mental health. Patients are waiting for weeks after making the first notice. The relationship between healthcare providers and patients are unequal distributed and the progress in consults for diagnoses are slow. The psychiatrist needs time to make a complete image of the patient to make a diagnosis. This leads to concerned patients with risk to deteriorate the situation. For this, data is crucial and often the leading factor to facilitate this progress.

The solution

Introducing Beyooth, short for “Be Your Own Therapist” can help worried patients and healthcare providers to facilitate and speed up all processes during treatment. Beyooth is an online application for patients that are waiting for the first notice with a psychiatrist. This app makes a profile with all the important data through monitoring, that can be used by the psychiatrist to support the diagnosis. But the app also facilitated online treatment with podcasts, mood-tracking, self learning and more. Because of the sensitive data that is being monitored, we guarantee a safe environment between patient and provider.

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