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Nyconn Industries: LiquidElectrode Yureca

The challenge

The liquid electrode could be a new way of mapping the brain's communication patterns using existing MRI and CT devices infrastructures. We currently know which area of the human brain is responsible for what actions, but how the brain computes these operations between each area and communicates physical and conscious actions on a scale an electroencephalogram cannot fathom is impossible. The potential of this electrode is much greater, spreading into effective drug delivery and more immediate immune responses without relying on biological processes but resonance physics.

The solution

I put a great effort into my idea-factory which I can only explain through my constant endeavor to be able to learn in my education at the Maastricht Science program that allowed me to follow my interests naturally and without any pressing bachelors scheme. The reason I will not submit any documentation or engineering prototypes on how this non-invasive system would work is that as an inventor would agree I do not possess any patents for this at the moment so I am playing it safe until I get a request out of interest for a potential working relationship."

Revolutionize neurological brain communication imaging

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Nyconn Industries: LiquidElectrode Yureca


Team info

>Maximilian Ghanem
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Medical appliances (Neuroscience - Material Engineering - Waves physics)


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