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Bold Makers: Making Marketing Happen

The challenge

Launching a start-up is difficult: you are trying to get your ideas that you dreamt about for such a long time into the market and successfully running. Resources such as money and personnel are limited. When you finally finalised your product or service, the moment has come: you need to market it. But where do you even start? Most founders do not have much marketing knowledge, and the marketing tools out there require basic knowledge or fulfil only one part of the whole marketing spectrum. This results in an overwhelming challenge to market a new product or service.

The solution

An online application for start-ups with zero to medium marketing knowledge that helps them to position themselves in their market with a competitive advantage. In the application, the young firms can easily: 1) create their marketing strategy and tactics, 2) search, receive and implement recommendations based on their input, 3) increase their marketing knowledge, and 4) share their documents and input among their team.

''Making Bold marketing simply happen for every start-up''

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Bold Makers: Making Marketing Happen


Team info

>Loraine Duits
We are looking for new team members with the following skills

Looking for a team member with: technological skills, data analytical skills and loads of imagination and ambition!


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