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Engage Europe

The challenge

People consume news within their own bubble, and thereby often only see part of the story. Because of that, today's society faces an increasing rate of polarisation, individualism, and euroscepticism. This is the case for the whole of Europe. The European council and commission are of great importance in people's everyday lives. Even though the commission bases their decisions on the input of the representatives of the general public, there is a huge gap between those putting the laws in place and those influenced by it. This elitist culture causes the majority of the population to not be able to fully grasp the procedures taken at the European commision and is less likely to engage with it.

The solution

Provide a place for citizins to retrieve information about procedures taking place at for instance the European commission. This information is set up in a simple and easily accessible way, as to be inclusive towards all parts of society. Information can be shared through social media, for instance by creating an app in which both political scientists, as well media experts are involved. Engage Europe provides a platform for everyone to access nuanced information in a fast and simple way, ultimately creating a deeper sense of community!

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Engage Europe


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>Anna La Placa

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