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Flui.Go Science

The challenge

We address the question of how to bring science to society, while reaching the biggest audience in an efficient manner. There are many kids who are not exposed to a stimulating environment and are deprived of the choice to be introduced into certain fields. When children get in contact with chemistry, biology, math, and physics, their lack of background knowledge often causes them to be intimidated by the facade of numbers and difficult words, which could lead them to abandon the path of science. We aim for children to develop their curiosity as well as a passion for science.

The solution

In order to bring science to society we propose the development and optimization of an open-ended play system that uses creativity to make playing and learning a holistic and evolving experience, a process also known as “Meaningful Play”. The educational toy-kit, consisting of modular blocks designed with channels and chambers on their inside, provides a setup to perform scientific experiments. It is possible to continuously develop new experimental protocols to teach various basic and advanced phenomena from different scientific fields.

Bring science to young people in a playful and entertaining way

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Team info

>Juliette Passariello-Jansen
>Saga Björnör
>Toby Hensel
>David Dimech
>Renato Rogosic




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